9 Easy Steps To More How To Homemade Eye Pillow

Learn how to make your homemade eye pillow in just 9 easy steps. Relax and relieve stress with this DIY project that is perfect for self-care and relaxation. Creating your soothing eye pillow is a simple DIY project. It brings relaxation and comfort to your daily routine. This easy guide will walk you through crafting a personalized eye pillow. We’ll adjust it based on your tastes.

To start, gather the materials: a soft fabric of your choice, cotton or silk, and a filling such as flaxseeds or rice. You’ll also need soothing essential oils to add a touch of aromatherapy. Begin by cutting the fabric into your desired shape and size, leaving enough room for sewing. As you stitch, leave a small opening to fill the pillow with the chosen material and a few drops of the essential oil.

The magic of this eye pillow lies in its versatility. The choice is yours. Whether you prefer a gentle lavender scent to promote relaxation or eucalyptus for a refreshing touch, Once filled and sewn, your eye pillow is ready to provide relief from stress, headaches, and tired eyes. Heat it in the microwave or chill it in the freezer according to your preference. Embrace the tranquility. Lay back and place the homemade eye pillow over your eyes. Let the calming sensations wash over you.

To embark on this creative journey, gather the following materials:

  • Fabric (outer layer: cotton or linen, inner layer: flannel or silk)
  • Rice or flax seeds
  • Essential oils (lavender, chamomile, or eucalyptus)
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Funnel
  • Measuring cup
  • Ribbon or elastic for securing the eye pillow
  • Optional: dried herbs or extra fillers for a customized blend.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Selecting the appropriate fabric is crucial for comfort and durability. Cotton or linen works well for the outer layer due to its breathability. Flannel or silk provides a soft touch for the inner layer. Consider your style and the intended use of the eye pillow when choosing the fabric.

Cutting the Fabric

Measure and cut two rectangular pieces of fabric, each approximately 8 inches by 4 inches. This size ensures a comfortable fit for the eye area while allowing the eye pillow to rest on your face.

Sewing the Outer Layer

Place the two pieces of outer fabric together. Make sure to leave a little opening on one side and sew around the borders. We will use this opening later to fill the eye pillow.

Sewing the Inner Layer

Repeat the same process for the inner layer, creating a separate pouch. Ensure you leave a small opening for filling.

Filling the Eye Pillow

Using a funnel, fill the inner pouch with rice or flax seeds. Add a few drops of your chosen essential oil for a therapeutic touch. Consider mixing in dried herbs for added relaxation.

Sealing the Eye Pillow

After filling the inner pouch, sew the opening closed. Repeat the process with the outer layer.

Double-Layering for Extra Durability

For added durability, place the inner pouch inside the outer pouch. This double-layering ensures that the eye pillow can withstand regular use. It also maintains its soothing properties.

Creating Sections

Consider sewing parallel lines in the eye pillow. This will prevent the filling from shifting. This step is particularly useful for the even distribution of rice or flax seeds.

Adding Final Touches

Secure the eye pillow by attaching a ribbon or elastic band to each end. This allows you to adjust the tightness for a comfortable fit. Feel free to personalize your eye pillow. You can add embellishments or embroidery for a unique touch.

Enjoy the Benefits Homemade Eye Pillow

Crafting your eye pillows offers many benefits. They go beyond the joy of creating a personalized, pleasing accessory. First, the process of making an eye pillow is a therapeutic and creative endeavor. Engaging in this DIY project allows individuals to tap into their artistic side. They can choose fabrics, scents, and sizes that align with their preferences.

One of the significant advantages of homemade eye pillows is their versatility. Users have the freedom to select fabrics like soft cotton or luxurious silk. They can tailor the pillow to suit their sensory preferences. Adding filling materials such as flaxseeds or rice enhances the experience. You can also add your chosen essential oils. This versatility extends to therapeutic properties as well. You can infuse the pillow with soothing scents like lavender for relaxation. You can also add eucalyptus for a refreshing touch.

Homemade eye pillows are cost-effective compared to store-bought alternatives. They offer a solution for those seeking relaxation aids. Furthermore, these pillows are customizable. Individuals can address specific needs, such as relieving stress, headaches, or tired eyes. You can heat these DIY eye pillows in the microwave or cool them in the freezer. They provide a convenient and natural remedy for various ailments.

Making eye pillows has benefits. These include the therapeutic and creative aspects of the crafting process. It also offers flexibility to customize sensory elements. Additionally, they are cost-effective and provide tailored relief for stress and physical discomfort.


Crafting your eye pillow is a simple and rewarding experience. It offers many benefits for relaxation and well-being. You can create a personalized eye pillow tailored to your preferences and needs. 

You can customize the sensory experience with the choice of materials. The soothing fabric and aromatic filling add to it. The chosen fillings, like lavender or flaxseeds, have calming properties. They create a tranquil environment that helps people relax and reduces stress. Additionally, the eye pillow is adjustable. This ensures a comfortable fit for different head sizes and shapes. It enhances its effectiveness in promoting restful sleep and relieving tension.
Making your eye pillow is an act of creativity. It adds extra satisfaction and connection to the final product. Whether you are a seasoned crafter or a novice, this DIY project is accessible to all skill levels. It is an enjoyable and fulfilling activity.

Furthermore, by making your eye pillow, you have the flexibility to experiment with different scents. You can also try out various textures and sizes. You can tailor the final product to your specific preferences. As you incorporate this homemade eye pillow into your relaxation routine, you’ll find it to be a valuable tool for unwinding. It also relieves eye strain and fosters tranquility in your daily life. Embrace the therapeutic benefits of this DIY creation. Embark on a journey to enhanced well-being through the simple art of crafting.

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