What is pillow shams?

Pillow shams are important for bedding. They make your bedroom look fancy and fashionable. Lots of people confuse shams and regular pillowcases, but they are actually different. They have different uses and look different. In this article, we’ll learn about It’s their types, and how to use them with your bedding.

It’s make pillows look nicer on the bed. They are decorative coverings. Shams are different from regular pillowcases. They focus on style instead of just protecting the pillow. They are typically larger than pillowcases and feature elaborate designs, trims, and closures.

Pillow shams are often forgotten, but they make your bedroom look better. These pretty covers do more than work, they add a fancy touch to your bedroom. In this blog post, we will talk about It’s. We will look at their purpose, types, and how to use them in your bedroom decor.

pillow shams

Pillow shams are like pillowcases, but they’re not the same. They look similar, but they’re different. It’s are beautiful covers for pillows. They have fancy details like flanges, ruffles, or patterns. Shams, unlike pillowcases, are designed to be seen and serve as a focal point in your bedding ensemble.

Types of Pillow Shams:

1.Euro Shams:

-Euro shams are square pillow shams. They’re used as decorative backrests against the headboard. They are available in various sizes, with the most common being 26×26 inches.

2.Standard Shams:

-Standard Shams: Standard shams are rectangular in shape and are made to fit standard-sized pillows. They are typically sold in pairs and are used as the initial layer of pillows against the headboard.

3.King Shams:

– Similar to standard shams, king shams are larger to fit king-sized pillows. They provide an elegant finishing touch to a king-sized bed.

4.Decorative Shams:

– Decorative shams come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Make your bedding special with designs, stitching, or decorations that show your style.

5.Enhanced Aesthetics:

– The primary purpose of pillow shams is to elevate the visual appeal of your bed. These decorative elements enhance the design of your bedroom.


– Pillow shams are often used as part of a layered bedding arrangement. The pillows are nice and go well with other pillows, such as sleeping and accent pillows.


You can change pillow shams to update your bedding without replacing the whole set. This makes them a cost-effective way to refresh your bedroom decor.


You usually put Euro shams against the headboard, then standard or king shams. The sleeping pillows come next, and decorative accent pillows can be added as the final layer.

9.Mix and Match:

Try using various textures, colors, and patterns to make a pretty mix-and-match arrangement. However, ensure that there is a cohesive theme to maintain a harmonious look.

10.Caring for Pillow Shams:

Make sure to read the care instructions for the shams. Some shams have delicate fabrics or embroidery that need special care.

It’s are not only pillow covers. They also make your bedroom look coordinated and stylish. You can improve the look of your bedroom and show your style by using different It’s. It’s can give your bed a new look, whether you like classics, minimalism, or an eclectic style.

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